Gianelle Veis

Gianelle_VeisAn entrepreneur, brand builder, and management consultant, Gianelle Veis is Founder of The Opportunista, a digital education platform that helps aspiring and early-stage women entrepreneurs develop business ideas from concept to company.  Throughout the past 15 years, Gianelle has developed her extensive business and innovation background by helping startups, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 clients solve their toughest problems, develop strategies for long-term success, create their robust marketing and communications programs, cultivate their unique brands to deliver real value, and innovate their way to global acclaim.  Prior to her career in corporate America, Gianelle worked in nonprofit where she led the design of global incentive programs to crowdsource exponential change to benefit humanity.  She has served as a guest lecturer and speaker on career development, innovation, crowdsourcing models, and social entrepreneurship at universities, such as UCLA and USC.  Gianelle’s motto: “Why work for your dream company when you can create it?”