Shawn Green

Shawn Green is the co-founder of JockTalk, a sports social network created by professional athletes for fans. Prior to founding JockTalk, Shawn was a Major League Baseball player.

Shawn’s professional baseball career spanned more than fourteen years with four MLB teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the New York Mets. During his baseball career, Shawn won numerous accolades including the American League Gold Glove Award and the American League Silver Slugger Award. He was a two-time major league All-Star and holds or is tied for several major league records.

He is the author of The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 MPH that was published by Simon & Schuster. Shawn serves on several advisory boards for early and mid-stage companies. He is also actively involved in several charities and is a regular speaker at charitable and business events. Shawn attended Stanford University.