Kayla Graney

Kayla3Executive Coach, Emergent SuccessFounder & CEO, Mulberry Street Studios • Communications Studies Professor, Golden West College  • Saddleback College

Kayla Graney, M. Communication Studies is a dynamic executive coach with over a decade of experience in helping leaders and their teams create meaning in their own lives and in their organizations. Her assertive approach to collaborative communication results in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance.

Kayla has worked with some of the most influential business owners, CEO’s, and politicians in Southern California providing them with the tools that have led them to success. As a Communication Studies professor, she has developed a strong intuition for reading people’s nonverbal communication. She applies her expertise in helping clients open their perspectives, allowing them to bring their ideas to light. Kayla’s coaching philosophy begins with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values and goals as well as creating a long-term vision.

Kayla is also the CEO and Founder of Carpe Diem Media Productions, a special event photography and videography company and the Co-chair of Future Leaders of Our Community, a professional bridge-building group partnered with over 350 nonprofit organizations. She is regarded for her coaching in corporate leadership, elevator pitch’s, team building and presentation skills.

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