Speaker: Ken St. Cyr

Executive portraits of BoardVice President Global Supply Chain, Edward Lifesciences

Ken St. Cyr graduated from the United State Military Academy, West Point, in 1974, with a General Engineering degree and he holds a Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California.

Ken was commissioned as an Air Defense Artillery officer, and served in Europe and the United States for six years. Ken left the service in 1980.

Ken has an eclectic and extensive operations background in medical devices, consumer healthcare, computers, telecommunications and defense electronics. He has had the fortunate experience of being employed with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Dell and Texas Instruments. Ken has extensive global experience managing supplier networks, growing organizations and leading complex integrations in Asia and Europe as well as the United States.

Additionally, Ken was the co-founder and president of Resorts Publishing Inc. a real state marketing firm focused on the Colorado and Utah ski property markets.

Ken currently serves as the Vice President of Global Supply Chain for Edwards Lifesciences based in Irvine, Ca.

Ken has run more than 25 marathons including the Boston Marathon seven times. He is an accomplished longboard surfer having just taken up the sport a few year ago. Ken put these skills to good use when he and his daughter were recently featured on the ABC TV Show Wipeout, Season 7 Premier.

Website: www.edwards.com