Speaker: Mike Brown

Mike Brown picCo-Founder & CEO, ModBargains

Mike Brown is the Co-Founder & CEO of ModBargains. Throughout his life, Mike has started businesses focused around his passions in life. At 6 years old, he started a snack shack in his neighborhood with his friends to make extra money. In elementary school, he developed a website to trade & sell basketball cards and sold them on eBay as well. In his teens, Mike would buy extra tickets to rock concerts he was attending that he knew would sell out, starting a small ticket flipping operation. Mike has always been passionate about cars and driving fast. He grew up watching NASCAR and Indy Car races every weekend. Co-Founding ModBargains came naturally as he was modifying his own 2000 BMW 323Ci while a business & entrepreneurship student at Chapman University in Orange, CA.

Today, Mike is passionate about leading and developing the staff at ModBargains. Mike leads the entire company through book groups focused around personal growth for each employee. He also coaches and meets with staff members one on one, and keeps an open door to employees. Above all else, Mike encourages everyone at ModBargains to stay focused on customer service and to “put yourself in the shoes of the customer, because without the customer we do not have a business.” This focus on the customer experience is what has lead Mike to move the company away from a no inventory, drop-ship only e-commerce retailer into what ModBargains is today – a full service, massive inventory & installation center. He is proud that with such a great team of car enthusiasts at ModBargains running sales, customer service, and web development, Mike has been able to focus on the vision, purpose, and future of ModBargains.

Mike likes attending LA Kings hockey games as a season ticket holder, plays in men’s basketball leagues & goes to Lakers games, plays golf, and every year tries to not obsess too much over fantasy football. Mike is a volunteer Entrepreneur in Residence at Chapman University, mentoring students who are starting businesses of their own.

Website: www.modbargains.com