Shawn Wehan

Shawn-Wehan-1Co-Founder & CEO, GIVSUM, Inc. • Executive Director, Future Leaders of Our Community Executive Coach, Emergent Success

Shawn Wehan is life-long resident and philanthropic leader in the Orange County community.  After graduating from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, Shawn spent several years in youth and adult ministry leading conferences and teaching throughout Orange County.  In 2009, Shawn founded Future Leaders of Our Community (FLOC), a young professional organization aimed at building the bridge between the nonprofit world and the Millennial Generation.  After partnering with 350 charities, Shawn Co-Founded Givsum, Inc., a universal philanthropic platform designed to be the “giving summary” of individuals, charities and businesses.  Alongside his work as a the Executive Director of FLOC and CEO of Givsum, Shawn is a sought after executive coach guiding numerous organizations and individuals to success.  When he’s not working, Shawn spends his free time surfing, sailing and inspiring his friends to use their gifts and talents to make a difference for others.  

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