Sponsor: Eberle Company

Eberle CompanyEberle Company provides Commercial Real Estate advice with utmost fiduciary duty and transparency. Our services are for people wanting an individual approach to understanding Commercial Real Estate solutions for their interests.

While providing the decision-making tools and skills used to analyze real estate transactions from an economic and non-economic perspective, we will calculate property value, measure investment performance, illustrate investment real estate finance alternatives and compare before- and after-tax yields. In addition, Eberle Company will identify and evaluate key variables of market and locational analysis by estimating supply and forecasting demand for a property, selecting a proper site and analyzing uses for a site. Finally, Eberle Company will illustrate how to make sound leasing decisions about various aspects of commercial real estate when identifying space users and investors, comparing financing options, evaluating leasing alternatives and negotiating terms and completing transactions.

Investors lean on Eberle Company to provide understanding when analyzing the critical aspects of an acquisition and ownership of commercial investment property. We will assess the customer’s needs to determine investment strategy, analyze various properties to select the optimal investment and examine various disposition strategies.

Eberle Company is knowledgeable about Office, Industrial and Corporate Headquarters property types in the Orange County market.

Website: www.eberlecompany.com