Tina Aldatz

Founder, Foot Petals

Tina Aldatz is the Founder of Foot Petals and like many women, has a love/hate relationship with her sexy shoes.

As a child, Tina walked over hot coals buried just beneath the sand and suffered 3rd degree burns on the soles of her feet. Little did she know this traumatic event would become a life determining moment and the idea behind a multi-million dollar brand.

After years of working in the fashion industry and endless hours of walking in pain, Tina was determined to develop a product that would help her learn to love her shoes again. In 2001, after extensive research, design and drive, she created Foot Petals, the original designer insoles. Foot Petals, now manufactures more than 20 products that can be found in the finest retailers globally. Foot Petals celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and was acquired by RG Barry Corporation.